Olivia Lyon
11/27/2012 07:35:55 am

Ralph feels an urgency to make shelters for two reasons in particular. The first reason is that, as the weather gets colder and storms come, the boys will need someplace to go where they are safe from the rain or whatever other types of weather occur. Second, the younger boys are scared at night, having nightmares and screaming in their sleep. They are frightened at night because the comforting cloak of the sun is long gone. Along with this, they don't have any figures that could calm them the same way a mother or father figure could. They are 6 and 7 year old boys and they feel as if they don't have a safe place to sleep. Therefore, this is what Ralph is trying to do: he wants to provide a shelter that feels like a home to them.
Ralph is uncomfortable discussing the shelter situation and the fear the younger boys are feeling because he doesn't want to talk about the pink elephant on the platform....the "beastie" that is.... From the chapter before when the idea of the "beastie" was first introduced, Ralph was uncomfortable. He didn't want to discuss it. He continued denying it, saying it must have just been a dream/nightmare. After the conversation, the text said that Ralph was annoyed and feeling defeated, especially when Jack interfered saying that if there WAS a beastie, they would look for it.

Sam Henry
11/28/2012 05:19:17 am

I agree with you Olivia. Ralph did build the shelters for those reasons. I think he felt uncomfortable talking about the beastie because after Jack had said it was real he had started to believe it also. If he doesn't talk about it then he can deny it in his head

11/28/2012 06:01:18 am

I agree with Olivia, the boys, especially the younger ones, need a place where they feel safe to sleep. He's also in denial about the beastie, and I think that's because he's scared of it, and he wants a safe place to sleep at night, and that's why he doesn't like talking about it.

Raeghan O'Connor
11/28/2012 11:58:41 am

I agree with Olivia. Ralph has an urgency for making shelters and is uncomfortable talking about it for those reasons. He probably is afraid of the "beastie" also but does not want to admit it and show his vulnerabilities.

Anna Tworzyanski
11/28/2012 12:43:03 pm

I agree with Olivia that Ralph wants to comfort the younger children with the shelters and that he's uncomfortable talking about it because of the beastie, whose existence Ralph has been denying the entire time.

Nicole Reinschmidt
11/27/2012 07:44:34 am

After another meeting, all the boys promise to build shelters, except the hunters. But no one actually commits to their promise besides Ralph and Simon. They aren't getting much progress in building shelters. But still, Ralph is determined to build them for protection against rain, but mostly the "snake" that all the little kids are worried about. In the chapter before, Ralph was trying very hard to convince everyone that the snake or monster that the boy with the mark on his face was talking about wasn't real. He absolutely denied anyone even talking like it was possibly real. I think Ralph is actually scared, but doesn't want to ruin his image as a leader by showing it.

Leah Sheltry
11/28/2012 08:11:27 am

I think reality is finally sinking in for Ralph. He now understands that he and the rest of the boys may be stuck there for awhile and Ralph needs to treat this island like a home. He wants to protect the younger boys and give them a sense of safety. "They were both red in the face and found looking at each other difficult." This shows the fact that Ralph is uncomfortable admitting that the younger boys are frightened. I also think that all of the older boys are uncomfortable at the thought of building shelters because all their life, they have been taken care of and now this is a whole new role for them where they have to be responsible for not only themselves, but the younger kids too.

Gianni Jannke
11/28/2012 09:57:44 am

Ralph feels that the group needs to make shelters because of the weather and to comfort the younger boys while they are sleeping. Ralph says "if it rains like when we dropped in we'll need shelters all right." The shelters are important for protection from the sun and weather. Ralph also feels that they need a shelter to comfort the younger boys while they are sleeping. Ralph describes how they are frightened and talk/scream in their sleep. Simon believes they are still worried about the beastie that the boy with the mark on his face first described. Ralph didn't believe in the beastie at first yet all the little boys are still scared. Ralph is uncertain about talking about the beast because it is a tender subject. He doesn't want to scare the boys or cause any disagreements.

Corrina McKelvey
11/28/2012 10:05:26 am

I agree with OliviaRaph feels the urgency to make the shelters because the boys need protection from any unexpected weather. He also wants the shelters made to give the little ones a place to feel safe at night as they often wake up crying with bad dreams.I also think that Ralph doesn't want I talk about it because of the unspoken beastie. As talking about it would scare the little ones more.

Lexie Vetrano
11/28/2012 11:09:04 am

I think Ralph's urgency to make shelters for himself and the boys is mainly because he's afraid of what would happen if they didn't make the shelters soon. Who knows what type of weather will occur the next few days. Also, it gets probably twice as cold at night than what it is during the day under the hot sun, so they want shelter to hide them from the cold winds of the night. I know that if I were stranded on an island, the first thing I would want to do other than get some food to hold me over, would be to build shelters. Shelters are essential to survive not only on a stranded island, but anywhere.

I think that Ralph is uncomfortable about speaking about it because he's afraid that the other boys won't think he's right about building the shelters first. I think that he doesn't want the boys not to trust him, so he doesn't want to mess up. If he was wrong for wanting to build shelters, then the boys would automatically turn to Jack for guidance instead of him. Although the little boys don't really know how to handle the situation, I think Ralph is just afraid of leading the group of boys in the wrong direction.

Anna Tworzyanski
11/28/2012 12:39:21 pm

I think Ralph feels an urgency to make the shelters because he feels he needs to stay relevant as a leader. The littluns and others do whatever they want for most of the day and in an attempt to maintain control he's proving his worth to them and giving them a reason for them to cooperate with him. In contrast, I think he feels uncomfortable talking about the shelters because it gives their miniature society a sense of permanence. It diminishes the illusion he's been maintaining the entire time that they will indefinitely be rescued and establishes that the island is their new home, not just a temporary retreat from the rest of civilization.

Morgan Wicken
11/28/2012 01:15:26 pm

There are two distinct reasons that Ralph has an urgency to build the shelter. First he is concerned about the weather. If there is another storm like when it rained when they dropped in could get sick and soon could start to die off. The second reason is that they are sacred. Jack pointed out that when he went hunting alone he felt like he was being hunted. This would make be uncomphterble and i sure that is makes the boys uneasy. I think the reasoning that Ralph is so uncomphterble talking about the shelter is that the shelter is kind of representing his position as a leader. Being the leader he chose to work on the shelters so he could be the one to bring them to "safety." However, because the shelters are coming along slow and now well Ralph feels like he is no being successful and that is why he feels uncomphterbal.

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