Leah Sheltry
12/9/2012 08:32:51 am

At the end of page 96, Sam and Eric try to get the fire going again, but they both seem bitter towards each other. "Don't burn the lot," said Eric, "you're putting on too much." "Let's warm up." "We'll only have to fetch more wood." "I'm cold." "So'm I." "Besides, it's-" "-dark. All right, then." This conversation shows that, even Sam and Eric, who seem inseparable, can get moody over a simple fire. After they warm up by the fire, the two laugh about something that happened in school. "The twins shared their identical laughter, then remembered the darkness and other things and glanced round uneasily." The boys, being so young, shouldn't need to feel unsteady or unsafe. I think that tensions are quickly rising and this conversation between Sam and Eric is just leading up to it.

Anna Tworzyanski
12/9/2012 10:50:40 am

I agree with Leah that the twins tense situation leads up to the rest of the chapter.

Shannon Barrett
12/10/2012 04:43:22 am

I agree with Leah and Anna, the discussion and situation between the twins leads up to the rest of the chapters story.

Victoria Paradise
12/12/2012 05:41:30 am

I agree with Leah because they do seem to get moody easily, which leads up to conflicts later in the chapter

Sam Henry
12/12/2012 06:01:15 am

The conversation between Sam and Eric about the fire resembles the boy’s relationships. They are arguing and bickering about how to do things correctly. This resembles all the boys’ relationships. They are quickly falling apart. Everyone gets into fights with each other. When they try to start the fire again, they both tell each other they’re doing it wrong. When they try correcting each other, it just causes even more tension between the two. Almost like how when Jack or Ralph tells one of the boys to do something, the tension rises. There conversation resembles all their problems starting up. This is only the beginging


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