Victoria Paradise
12/5/2012 08:54:18 am

I thnk Ralph is in the right state of mind when he says that the assemblies are not veryy effective. Ralph says that they decided they would take water from the stream put in empty cocnut shells for easy accessibility. He then says that this never happened. He says they decide things in the meetings that never get done. He's right, this is a problem. The boys are showing that they are incapable of completing simple tasks. They are also showing that maybe they don't agree with what Ralph is saying, by not listening to him and doing what he tells them to do. This is a probnlem because the peace among the boys is starting to shatter and utter chaos is about to errupt. The boys are disrespecting Ralph for whatever reason, and Ralph was trying to show them they are wrong, and that they need to work together for the good of everybody on the island, so they can hopefully survivee and maybe even get rescued.

Corrina Mckelvey
12/5/2012 09:18:58 am

I think that Ralph is thinking that the assemblies have not been effective. The boys show that they aren't listening to Ralph, and dont respect him by seeming to be incapable of the simple taks Ralph asks of them. For example, he asked the boys to go to the bathroom behind the little rocks to keep the island clean and sanitary. But the boys dont listen and go to the bathroom anywhere they want. The boys showed they didnt respect Ralph and Ralph tried to tell them that during the assembly.

Shannon Barrett
12/9/2012 05:48:59 am

I think that Ralph feels that meetings aren't helping them get anything done. All the boys do at the meetings is either laugh or run off, or at least the little ones do. They almost never used the conch shell rule to who would be talking, Jack mostly, which is ironic because he was the one who said they need rules.


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