Alexsis Powell
12/1/2012 01:26:18 pm

I think that when Jack disguised himself by painting his face with clay and coal he changed to a more confident character ready to hunt. So far throughout the story Jack has been trying to hunt a pig, and the firs time he let the pig get away. After he painted his face with the red and white clay with a black streak of black coal across he was dancing and laughing at this new stranger. In the story it says "He captured toward Bill, and the mask was a thing on its own, Behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-conciousness". It also says" The face of red and white and black swung through the air and jigged towards Bill". These two quotes symbolize a transition of change in Jack from shame and self-concousness to ready, happy, and determined. It is like after he paints his face and sees his reflection he turns into a completely other person. Then after he danced and laughed he met his goal and hunted a pig and was pleasantly proud of himself with the blood of the pigs slit throat. Therefor i think jack changed in a positive way to a determined character after he disguised himself with a tough painted face.

Gianni Jannke
12/2/2012 10:23:56 am

I agree with Alexis. The face paint was a big symbolic, mental/personality change for Jack.

Karina Zhao
12/1/2012 11:56:13 pm

In chapter 4, Jack realizes that his problem in hunting pigs, is that they can see him, so he takes some colored clay and some charcoal, which he uses to paint his face. When he sees himself in a reflection [water] he sees that he is no longer himself, but a stranger. On pg. 64 it says, "The mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness." Behind the mask and concealment, Jack was "able" to treat others harshly with the loss of shame, fear of retribution and self-consciousness. The disguise removed Jack not only from his acts, but also from the constraints of civilization.

Olivia Lyon
12/2/2012 03:58:41 am

I agree with Karina because the colored clay not only changed Jack's appearance, but it changed his character as well. From the beginning of the book Jack was known as the know it all who was a self-called leader. Therefore, he always had a sense of arrogance. With this mask, however, it gave him an opportunity to show an even worse side of himself that empowered him to treat the other boys harshly, as Karina said. He was rude, careless with his remarks, and didn't even care that it was his fault they didn't get rescued.

Corrina McKelvey
12/2/2012 07:36:19 am

I agree with what karina and Olvia said. He did not only changed his appearance but his personality also. He treated the other kids very harshly with rude remarks. He also show that he didn't care they it was his fault they didn't get rescued.

Nicole Reinschmidt
12/2/2012 07:53:31 am

I agree with Karina. After Jack disguises himself, he begins acting like an entirely new person, as Karina stated. Once he saw his reflection, he started thinking more confidently about killing a pig. With his disguise on, he acted like a stronger, more aggressive figure. Before, when he tried to hunt for pigs, he was always too afraid to actually spill a living thing's blood. But with the disguise, he could act like someone else, someone who could kill without hesitation. The new person he became was an even bigger bully than the real Jack. It kind of amplified how mean he could be, especially to Piggy. Slowly, he's detaching himself from the ways of civilization.

Xavier Edwards
12/2/2012 08:45:18 am

I believe that jack changed when he put on the clay face paint because he thought of himself more as an adult rather than a kid, because of the way he looked at himself and how he was teaching himself how to hunt more properly. Like how he said the spears would not work because they were not barbed and they would just fall out after piercing the pigs. Also even though he thought of himself as more of an adult, doesn't mean he was a responsible or reasonable adult. He was rude to everyone and didn’t care about what others had to say to him. Like when they said they could have been saved if he had kept the fire going, instead of going hunting and painting his face with clay.

Sam Henry
12/2/2012 09:14:57 am

When Jack applies the clay and charcoal to his face in an almost face paint kind of way, Jacks personality begins to change. He becomes more of a manly figure rather than the arrangent and childish boy he was before. He seems to be trying to embrace the life of the island. Putting the charcoal and clay on his face shows that he is willing to change to get the things he wants. In the case, the meat of a pig. When Jack puts on the face paint. He becomes an even meaner character than before. I think he did this because, he sees adults as mean and tougher. To proove hes an adult i think he starts to act this way.

Morgan Wicken
12/2/2012 11:07:16 am

When Jack diguises himself i feel he becomes a more aggressive character. It like he feels as if by painting his face he is now this big almighty god that is blood thirsty. When he comes back from killing the pig he feel accopmlished and now that Ralph is saying he did something wrong by not keeping the fire going makes him angry. Already being a character in the beginning that angry when he disguises himself he becomes more agressive and careless.

eleanor Ensminger
12/3/2012 11:06:44 am

I agree with share has been said, I think that Jack painting his face and changing his looks kind of amounts to make up for a girl. When we put on makeup and get done up, we feel special and like we cm take on the world. His Mask is a way of expressing his less civilized more primal instinct to kill hunt and protect his authority and pride.

Shannon Barrett
12/9/2012 05:52:27 am

I think that Jack changes when he puts on the clay by him feeling like a leader. He has wanted to be chief from day one and when he put on the clay he probably felt like he was. He also became more animalistic and uncontrollable. He just wanted to kill the pig and be in charge.

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