Alexsis Powell
12/4/2012 05:38:45 am

Considering the leadership of each of the older boys out of Jack, Ralp, Piggy, and Simon i think as of now Ralph would still make the best leader. Ralphs qualities, such as being a born leader helps him take charge over the boys on the island. In chapter five he calls an assembly, which is like a meeting with all the boys where he tells them the areas they need to fix. In these assembly's he came up with the smart idea of whoever has the conch shell can talk, which is suppose to help eliminate everybody talking over one another. In this specific assembly in chapter five Ralph touches on the ideas of how this is a more serious meeting where the things they say they will do have to be done. Ralph also says that there needs to be drinking water in the cocunut shells, everybody should have helped out with the huts, and there will be a specific place to use the bathroom behind the rocks. Lastly Ralph says that these rules need to be followed because they are the only thing they have left.This shows that Ralph is a good leader because he is serious about surviving and getting off this island, and the ways to do this are to follow the rules. This also shows that Ralph is a good leader because he is serious about fixing the problems on the island, and doing something about them to make surviving easier.
Ralphs ways of leading are also different then Jacks. In the story Jack is a less friendly ruler such as when he calls piggy things like "a fat slug" and he does not listen to the rules. Such as when he gave his word to keep the fire going to create smoke and he didnt becaus he wanted to go hunting. The consequence of this was it did not attract the baot going by the island to show them they are on the island and that they need to be rescued. If a leader does not foloow the rules then there is dissorer and confusion among the boys.
Ralph is also a better leader compared to Piggy because, although piggy is smart he does not have a leadership mantality where poele will listen to him. This is like during the assembly piggy shared his ideas but he just gets the conch shell taken away by people like Jack. If Piggy was the leader then the boys on the island would also be dissordered because nobody would listen to what he has to say.
Lastly Ralph is so far the best leader for the boys because he is more outspoken then Simon. Simon is one of the older boys who shows strength and samrts, but we have not herd alot from him throghout the book. Such as in the book it says "simon felt a perilous necessity to spak; but to speak in an assembly was a terrable thing to him". the book also says that when he did decide to spaek he was very hesitant about it. this does not show good leadership qualities because you need to be outgoing so that peole will think you know what you are talking about and listen to you.
Therefor Ralph is so far has the best qualaties of a leader, and if any of the other boys were the leader they would have a less chance at survival.

Eric (Phil) McCracken
12/5/2012 06:09:01 am

I agree with Alexis that Ralph is still the best leader; Piggy is still a little timid, and Jack is just way too aggressive.

Corrina Mckelvey
12/5/2012 09:03:50 am

I agree with Alexsis completely, that Ralph would be the best leader. Her points on the other characters were very good too.

Lexie Vetrano
12/5/2012 09:19:54 am

I think Alexsis is completely correct. Ralph would make the best leader. Although he has made some good decisions as well as some bad ones throughout the story so far, I think that Ralph would still be the best leader for the group of boys because he has an overall good idea of what the boys should do in order to survive while they wait for someone to rescue them from the island.

12/10/2015 05:38:49 am

I agree with Alexsis, Ralph is the best leader choice, with far best skills than any other boy on the island.

Xavier Edwards
12/5/2012 12:34:56 am

I agree with alexis and I think she had some very intresting points on this topic.

Leah Sheltry
12/5/2012 06:19:10 am

I think both Piggy and Simon are less-talkative and keep to themselves while Jack is violent. Ralph has always been the best leader.

Sam Henry
12/5/2012 07:39:45 am

I agree with Leah and Alexsis. I dont think that anyones personality traits have changed

Nicole Reinschmidt
12/5/2012 08:27:42 am

I think Ralph is still the best for the job of being the leader of the group. He is more focused and thoughtful than the majority of the boys there. He puts a lot of thought into what would be best for them all, and tries to sort out their priorities and get others to understand. For example, in the beginning of the chapter, he was mainly focused on planning out the next meeting, and very determined to get straight to business. "This meeting must not be fun, but business." He tried very hard to explain to the others boys the importance of the work that they should be doing. And no matter how hardly he stressed his points, they still did not listen.
Jack, on the other hand, is definitely not the type of material for a responsible leader. During the meeting, Ralph was trying very hard to enforce the rules and stress the importance of what they must do. Jack just blew it all off and said, "Bollocks to the rules!" Which just threw everyone into a firey spirit that usually meant that they were cheering for the sake of being lazy, never listening to Ralph, and doing whatever they want. No one really cares or tries, other than Ralph, Piggy, and Simon

Morgan Wicken
12/5/2012 09:38:13 am

i agree with nichole but i think that ralph knows there are people there that could be better for the situation. Like when ralph was tlaking baout how PIggy was really smart and could figure things out in his head. IN that case Piggy would be a better leader. But nichole is right biggy doesnt talk to the group like ralph does and he is not leader material.

Alex Barina
12/5/2012 11:03:43 am

I agree with Nichole as well, relph is probrably still the best leader because while he may not think everything throgh as thoroghly as Piggy or Simon he till sets up an organized priority system and thinks actions throgh with a reasonable amount of thoght.

Gianni Jannke
12/5/2012 12:28:33 pm

In Lord of the Flies, Ralph is a much better leader than jack.
Ralph tends to look at things objectively. He thinks things out and doesn't just "do". From the beginning, Ralph has shown great leadership qualities. He found the conch and used it to gather everyone together. More importantly, the conch gives you the right to speak. This rule is great because theoretically this helps prevent disorder at assemblies. When a bunch of young boys are discussing a topic you can definitely expect interruptions. The rules about the possession of the conch try to limit this. In this chapter, Ralph shows great leadership qualities by calling an assembly to discuss some rules that are being broken and other wrongdoings. For example, Ralph discusses the unsteady huts, the beast, where to use the bathroom, and the signal fire going out. This shows that he has the ability to notice problems and bring them up at the meetings to try to solve them. These are great leadership qualities.
However, Jack is primarily concerned with finding meat, not doing some of the essential things necessary to survival and possible rescue. Jack does not help with the huts. Furthermore, Jack is so narrow minded that he takes the boys on fire duty to help him catch a pig. A ship went by just as the fire went out because it was left unattended. Causing the group to miss a rescue with something as simple as trying to find food (which they are not extremely desperate for) is very bad leader ship. Also, Jack breaks the rules about the speaking privileges when someone has the conch. He repeatedly interrupted Piggy and tried to force the conch out of his hands at their latest meeting.
Ralph is clearly a much better leader than Jack.


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