Sam Henry
11/26/2012 06:41:50 am

Ralph and Jack in my point of view are similiar. They both seem to enjoy the power they have like on page 39. They look at eachother and smile. They are greatful for not having to work and carry logs like the rest of the boys do. I believe there different by the ways they use and got thier power. Ralph was elected as the "cheif" but Jack put himself out there. In the book Ralph gives a little boy a chance to talk. He was very kind on doing that but I don't think that Jack would allow others to take part. Jacks power is more controling over others. Like the choir. He has them all dressing the same. Therefore, Jack and Ralph has similarities and differences.

Alexsis Powell
11/26/2012 06:44:56 am

I agree with Sam because they are alike and different. They are the same because both of the boys do enjoy having power, and they are different because Jack is forcing his power while Ralph is using it to hear everyones ideas.

Leah Sheltry
11/26/2012 07:53:04 am

I think the major difference between Ralph's and Jack's leadership skills is how they use it to their advantage. Jack is more of a bossy know-it-all, while Ralph genuinely cares.

Alexsis Powell
2/11/2016 04:50:19 pm

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raeghan o'connor
11/26/2012 10:03:12 am

I agree with Sam because they both want to be in charge and are leaders, but in different ways.

1/27/2016 07:06:59 pm

Shannon Barrett
11/26/2012 09:37:36 am

Ralph and Jack are similar in that they both like having power and being the ones to be in control and looked up to, like when Jack "sacrificed" his choir boys to do different jobs and they all applauded him. But they were different in the fact that Ralph actually comes up with the ideas because he truly wants to leave, like with the fire idea. Ralph also was trying to convince the younger boys that there was no "beastie", where as Jack sounded like he possibly believed the young boy.

Anna Tworzyanski
11/26/2012 10:15:17 am

I agree with Shannon that they both like having power and that Ralph attempts to extinguish any such ideas of the smaller children whereas Jack leads them on to believe that they have a viable point.

Olivia Lyon
11/26/2012 10:26:56 am

Ralph and Jack have many similar characteristics, yet many that set them apart as well. They are similar becasue they get pleasure out of having control over others. From the very first chapter it was quite evident that Jack had his little choir boys almost wrapped around his finger. He was in complete control. Ralph, on the other hand, displays his leadership differently. Yes, you can tell he enjoys it, but he does it in a more suddle demeanor. He doesn't use the title to manipulate the other boys as Jack does, which leads me to my next point. First of all, Ralph is the more calm born leader that everyone looks up to. He portrays a leader without saying he is one. He is one of actions not of words, which is an excellent trait to have as a leader. For example, he said there needed to be rules but instead of rambling on and on about them, he actually enforced them...unlike Jack. Jack talks a big game but really doesnt act upon these things.For example, one of their rules is that only the person with the conch shell can speak. Everytime poor little :) Piggy gets it and tries to say something with actual meaning, Jack immediatley says "Shut up" which is both rude and hurtful. Therefore someone like himself does not deserve the role of leader of which he likes to think of himself as.

Karina Zhao
11/26/2012 10:59:14 am

I agree with Olivia's point of view. Both Jack and Ralph enjoy being leaders and having control over the others. But Jack is one of words, while Ralph, on the other hand, actually puts his thoughts into action.

Corrina Mckelvey
11/26/2012 11:00:03 am

I agree with Sam because both Jack and Ralph like the feeling of having power. But thy differ in the way they use their power.

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