Xavier edwards
11/28/2012 07:19:21 am

Even though it is not set in stone they may have to face the snake or the beasty that the kid with the scar saw. Also the kids will have to face to struggle of power between Ralf, Piggy, and Jack. This is already apparent when Piggy and Ralf argued about the shelters. That showed the start of how Piggy felt about the way things were being run around there. Also in the beginning and to the middle of the chapter Golding show the struggle between want and need and in this instance Jack was the one who wanted everything and that Ralf was represented by the need of the people. This is most likely going to be the most significant out of them all because this struggle is also the control of leadership and how things are ran. I think the major struggle of the story will follow a pattern of something like this. The people like Jack will want meat like Jack, and the people like Ralf go for what they need, which is just food. So the people like jack will go out to find meat but if they become unsuccessful and go without food they will starve our must ask for assistance from Ralf and his group that is living fine with what they have.

Gianni Jannke
11/28/2012 10:01:54 am

Xavier has a great point. The struggle over leadership/decisions is going to be a big factor in the activities of the group of boys. Conflicts may/will arise.

Alex Barina
11/28/2012 09:49:20 am

Like Xavier i think that one of the most significant danger is the power struggle between the different groups on the island the power strugle can be dangerous because one group (jacks) realy only seems concerned with achiving what they want to d wich is get meat while Ralphs group seems more focased than jacks group on getting what is neccesary to survive if a patern such as this continues they could depleat their stock pile of recources faster than they can resupply it then they are in trouble

Corrina Mckelvey
11/28/2012 10:10:05 am

I think that one of the struggles they will face is the weather as they don't know what it wil be like or how thy should prepare for it. Another struggle I think they will face is the beastie or the snake that the boy saw earlier in this chapter. The struggle I think they will have the hardest time with is the power struggle between Jack and Ralph for the leadership role among the boys.

Eleanor Ensminger
11/28/2012 10:47:44 am

I disagree. I think that the biggest thing they will have to face is how they have no grown ups. They are already feeling the weight if having no adults, and were talking about how things would get done if there were adults. I think that as the story progresses that they will need adults even more. Like what my group talked about in class about how conflicts will get bigger, I think there will be a time they really need adults.

Raeghan O'Connor
11/28/2012 12:06:20 pm

The boys have and will face dangers and obstacles, some being more significant than others. One main obstacle will be the way the boys govern themselves and leadership. Ralph and Jack have already argued multiple times, such as when Ralph wanted him to help build shelters but Jack wanted to hunt. Other obstacles may include food and water and where they get it. They still haven't hunted any animals yet and that might become an issue. Also, if they do not get secure and safe shelters soon, they will face more dangers of animals and bugs while sleeping, along with extreme weather conditions.

Victoria Paradise
12/1/2012 12:48:09 am

The boys are facing many obstacles on the island. The most significant one is over leadership. Even though Ralph symbolicly offered to share leader Jack seems to have taken this too far. This conflict was especially prominent when Ralph confronted Jack after he killed the pig, and let the fire go out when the boys saw a ship. There are also many other conflicts like porper shelters, the youngers boys fearing the "beastie", and possible weather conditions.


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