Nicole Reinschmidt
12/19/2012 08:49:51 am

The events of this chapter are what really started to change the mood of this book. Being stranded on the island was a problem from the beginning, but now, it all takes a more serious mood, and I could tell how Ralph and Samneric could feel things becoming more dangerous for them. The last paragraph of this chapter depicts how there was a new way on the island now; Jack was at the top,with Roger by his side. They aren't the same boys.
When Roger edges by Jack, he immediately takes charge of the situation without disrespecting the chief. Ralph ran away; he couldn't do anything to get things back in order again. He was powerless. When Roger intimidates Samneric, Ralph wasn't there to do anything. "Roger advanced upon them as one wielding a nameless authority." It shows how everything has changed, and there was a new authority. Roger makes it clear that he knows how to inflict torture, and that things would not be as it was before.

Olivia Lyon
12/19/2012 09:02:46 am

I agree with Nicole because she made some great points, especially when she described the quote about the nameless authority. It did indeed show that everything has changed, there was new authority, and the fact that Roger knows how to inflict torture

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