Xavier Edwards
12/5/2012 06:03:25 am

I don't really agree with Piggy because I don't think if adults were stranded on an island that they would have tea and discuss. I think this because adults seem to disagree just as much as kids do. However adults know more so they know when to stop and realize that they are wrong. Piggy believes that adults automatically make everything better and that they would be able to live happily. That is what is expected from younger children who solely have depended for their parents to do everything for them and to make them happy. So even though that the parents may have more survival experience, making some things better, but there are still adults who are just as lazy as the kids who do nothing but play, eat, and sleep. I have to disagree because of personal experience adults don't always work well together.

Alexsis Powell
12/5/2012 06:09:00 am

I agree with Xavier one hundred percent, especially when he says "Piggy believes that adults automatically make everything better and that they would be able to live happily. That is what is expected from younger children who solely have depended for their parents to do everything for them and to make them happy." I agree because as a younger person children fully rely on their parents, and not on themselves.

Nicole Reinschmidt
12/5/2012 08:15:43 am

I agree with Xavier. Adults aren't always reliable, and they shouldn't expect an adult to just know exactly what to do in their situation. Sometimes, all adults are are just grown kids. They may have a couple more years of life experience, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they would be better off than the kids, or have known exactly what to do.
The kids, or at least Ralph, are trying very hard to do things in an orderly manner, to get their priorities in order. But not many people are cooperating. That they wished that there was an adult to help them, is just like wishing that they could be the "perfect" image of their assertive, wise role models. But I think they'd be better off if they realized that they'll be adults someday, and they aren't perfect, so they'd better get down to business.

Victoria Paradise
12/5/2012 08:56:34 am

I agree with Xavier, especially on the part when he said that adults make everything better, because unless they're smart about it, they don't.

Leah Sheltry
12/5/2012 07:27:39 am

I agree with Xavier too. I think the boys are wishing there was an adult on the island just to boss them around and tell them exactly what they need to do. I bet in the beginning it was fun to have a break from their parents but I don't think being this independent for so long is relaxing anymore. While they were building a fire one boy said, "I wish my auntie was here." "The three boys stood in the darkness, striving unsuccessfully to convey the majesty of adult life." All of them think if adults were in their situation, they'd handle it much better and much smarter. I think the adults would make just as many, possibly more, stupid mistakes as the 12-year-olds did.

Sam Henry
12/5/2012 07:52:09 am

I think Piggys point of view on adults was incorrect. Even though adults do have more knowledge and may be able to survive better on the island, I do not believe that they would be calm about it. When you grow up you know more about the dangerous of the world. I think the adults would already be paranoid and turn against eachother. I think that they would be bickering like the boys do. As Xavier said, Piggy sees adults as people that can fix anything. Piggy sees adults as almost a god who has the knowledge to do anything. I think the adults may be saved faster than the kids for the reason that they have greater amount of knowledge

Olivia Lyon
12/5/2012 08:01:28 am

I agree with Xavier because because adults do have more experience, but they can argue as much as as children do. Some adults will naturally feel that they need to be in control, and others will be relaxed and not worry about anything, putting all of the stress into the other's hands. This is the same thing that was happening with the boys.

Karina Zhao
12/5/2012 09:00:40 am

I agree with what has been said. Although adults are older and have more experience, they can make just as much mistakes as 12 year-old boys can.

Anna Tworzyanski
12/5/2012 09:24:54 am

I don't agree with Piggy. After the first day of being on the island, the boys really started to change. Likewise, adults might act mature in the beginning, but they'd stop their tea-time talking tone eventually. Also, since adults would lack the same innocence of the children, all the different personalities of the kids would be amplified. For indtance, the Jack-like adult would probably have murdered Piggy in his sleep by now and have killed a pig. Actually, he would probably have wiped out the entire pig population by now and be feasting by himself while everyone else starved.
Also, the adults discussing wouldn't make much of a difference, seeing as the boys are called together to discuss daily and still nothing gets done. The shelters are still shaky, Jack's still a show off, and the littluns are still talking of a beastie while everyone hopes to rescued knowing they never will be. The only advantage of having adults is that perhaps someone would know how to construct a boat to get them all off the island.

Lexie Vetrano
12/5/2012 09:27:16 am

I disagree with Piggy, because not all adults would discuss the problems that the boys are facing. Most adults would probably not consult with other adults for what the best decision is. I feel like adults would never want to listen to what other people have to say, which is the same problem that the boys are facing. I feel as though at some point, adults would figure out that they're ultimately wrong, but wouldn't want to admit it, so the problem would never be fixed. All the adults would strive to be the leader, but never decide on who should really be the "head" leader. The one that everyone would go to with any problem that the group might face. In a way, I think that although adults may have more experience and knowledge with how to survive, that the kids would be more successful because they're more creative. Adults would over think things that are actually really simple. Kids would just think of something, try it, and if it doesn't work, then try something else. They're in a way, nonchalant. They probably could honestly care less who's right and wrong. I know that's how I would react in the situation that they're in. If something didn't work for me, then I would keep trying different things until it met my needs.

Gianni Jannke
12/5/2012 12:31:22 pm

I agree...most adults would just make the decision they think is the best, not consult others.

raeghan o'connor
12/5/2012 12:57:16 pm

I agree with Lexie because usually most boys won't think anything much of a big deal and adults will freak out over everything


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